31 Oct, 2018

Adding missing custom attributes

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Some of you might have noticed that in one of the previous releases of our plugin the list of custom attributes that could be selected when mapping attributes or creating filters and rules had become a lot smaller. We had done so in order to improve performance for our heavy-users, some of them have thousands of custom attributes which created some 'challenges' during configuration of product feeds (as in, extremely long drop-downs, pages getting stuck, etc). That is why [...]

13 Sep, 2018

Can I add mother products to my feed and leave out the variations?

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In short: no, you cannot. A few times a week we are getting the above questions as our plugin users would like to exclude all variations of a product and just upload the mother version of the product. We do understand as adding lots of almost identical variations of products to Google Shopping or Facebook seems pointless and doesn’t make the overview in Google’s Merchant Center or Facebooks catalogue any clearer. Yet, Google and Facebook require you to NOT [...]

20 Jun, 2018

How to create product feed rules

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Need to 'manipulate' some of your attribute values before they make it to your product feed? You can do so by creating rule-sets. Let us just deep-dive into the inner workings of rules by showing you some of the most used rules. Multiply rule: Imagine you need to add a 10% margin on top of your normal product prices as the channel you are advertising your products on asks a 10% fee. Hence, you need to add an addition [...]

18 Jun, 2018

WPML support for product feeds

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Are you running WPML on your website and want to create multiple product feeds for all or some of your languages? WooCommerce Product Feed Pro now supports WPML. To enable WPML all you have to do is enable it on the settings section of the plugin like this: Upon creation of your product feed you will now notice this extra option to select the language for which you would like to create a product feed: All following steps will [...]

10 Apr, 2018

Add GTIN, MPN, UPC, EAN, Product condition, Installment, Optimised title and Brand attributes

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Got your webshop up-and-running and ready to start advertising on platforms such as Google Shopping but seem to be missing crucial fields (attributes) that Google really requires or advices you to add to their Google Merchant Center feed? This happens to pretty much all WooCommerce store owners who want to submit their products to Google's Merchant Center as WooCommerce (out-of-the-box) misses some crucial fields to get your products approved by Google. Just to mention a few: Brand, GTIN, MPN,EAN, [...]

30 Mar, 2018

How to create filters for your product feed

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Filters: Filters are meant to filter out products you do not want to appear in your product feeds. You can set two different types of filters, ‘include only’ and ‘exclude’ filters. Exclude filters You want to make sure that certain products do not make it to your product feed. The easiest way to do so is create exclude filters. For example, you want to exclude products that are out-of-stock: For example, you want to exclude a product based on [...]

10 Mar, 2018

WooCommerce structured data markup bug for variable products

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We all know that creating a product feed for Google Shopping can be a real challenge and it usually takes some time to get everything right. You finally managed, created a Google Shopping product feed and uploaded it to Google's Merchant Center only to find out that after a couple of hours Google starts disapproving the products you uploaded. The diagnostic graph in Google's merchant center is slowly starting to turn red...horror! What happened?! You start looking at the [...]