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WooCommerce Product Feed PRO F.A.Q.

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Simply because this is the most complete plugin offering support for an unlimited number of products and feeds, including features such as category- & field-mapping and advanced, rule-based, filtering and product variables support.

Make sure you have updated WordPress, WooCommerce and this plugin to the latest version and check that you are running PHP 5.6 or higher.

  1. Are you still experiencing issues with our plugin? Follow these steps before contacting us:
    Deactivate and re-activate the plugin, it might solve the issue;
  2. In-case de- & reactivating the plugin doesn’t solve the problem, remove the plugin and reinstall it (do not worry, you will not lose your current project settings and product feeds);
  3. Still experiencing issues? Drop-us an e-mail at support@adtribes.io

No, you can add as many products to your product feeds as you want.

No, you can create as many product feeds as you want.

Yes, it supports multiple. For example: Yoast’s primary category feature and the Yith brand attributes.

Having an empty XML file can have multiple reasons. The two most common reasons we have encountered are:

  1. You have set filters and rules that, unexpectedly, cause all the products to be removed from your product feed. Please check your rules and filters;
  2. You are using Firefox to check out your Google Shopping XML feed. Firefox is having some issues with handling the unique XML namespace of Google so it is not showing your products. Just use another browser to check out your XML file or upload your products to your Google Merchant center, all should be fine.

You have created a new product feed project but it gets stuck while processing and creating the product feed? There are two reasons we’ve seen why this is happening:

  1. You are running an older version of PHP (5.5 / 5.6) in combination with having a lot of products and/or attributes in your WooCommerce store;
  2. WP-cron has been disabled in your wp-config.php file. Our plugin requires the cron to be enabled as it will run into memory issue when your WooCommerce store has a lot of products or attributes in it. In order to prevent this from happening we are processing your products in batches and need the cron for that. Read more about the WordPress cron and how to enable it.

You have created a new product feed project but there are less products in the product feed than you expected. This can have multiple reasons: please find the three most common reasons below:

  1. You are creating a Google Shopping feed with both single and variation products. When a product has variations only the variations of that product are added to your product feed and not the ‘mother’ product. This is a Google Shopping requirement;
  2. You have set filters or rules that exclude some products;
  3. The plugin only puts published (live) products in your product feed. It does not add products that are on draft or private.

Did you check if one of the above reasons is causing your product feed to contain less products than you expected and found that none is causing it? Than please feel free to contact us so we can help you to sort it out.

This plugin outputs product feeds in the following file formats: TXT, CSV, XML and YML formats.

This plugin can refresh your product feeds daily, twicedaily or every hour.

This plugin supports Google Shopping, Facebook, Bing, Yandex and over a 200 other channels.

Yes, this plugin enables you to map your products and categories to Google Shopping categories using Google’s official taxonomy.

Yes, you can set enhanced filters and rules for all your products so only the products you want end up in product feeds.

Yes, you can add all Google Analytics UTM parameters to the landingpage URL’s that are in your product feed.

When creating a Google Shopping product feed you are, for most categories, required to map your shop categories to those of Google. Our plugin offers this mapping functionality. The following category mapping scenario’s are possible.

Scenario 1: You have the Yoast SEO plugin installed and set the primary category for all your products.

Our plugin will add the primary category to your product feed and use the primary category for your Google Shopping category mapping.

Scenario 2: You have the Yoast SEO plugin installed, set the primary category for all your products and added more than just the primary category to products.

The plugin will use the primary category for your Google Shopping and Facebook feeds and for category mapping. For all other feeds it will add all configured categories to the feed.

Scenario 3: You do not have the Yoast SEO plugin installed and configured only one category to your products.

The plugin will add your configured category to the feeds and use the category for filters and rules or category mapping (Google Shopping / Facebook).

Scenario 4: You do not have the Yoast SEO plugin installed and configured multiple category to your products.

The plugin will add only one category to your Google Shopping feed (Google only accepts one category), in this case the plugin will pick the category which is highest in your category-tree (hence: with the lowest category ID) and also use that category for your category mapping and filter/rules. For all other feeds it will add all categories to the feeds.

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