Manage your merchant center feeds for Google Shopping using the Product Feed Pro for WooCommerce plugin.

2 Jul, 2019

Changing “on backorder” to “in stock” in your product feed

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You created a product feed for Google's Merchant Center as you want to start promoting your products in Google Shopping only to find out that Google has disapproved (some of) your products because of an issue with your 'availability' field. You seem to have added products that have an availability that says "on backorder" (which is a WooCommerce stock status value): Unfortunately Google doesn't accept the availability status "On backorder". Only the values "in stock", "out of stock" and [...]

7 Jun, 2019

Add a field to your product feed based on another attribute

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You need or want to add data to your product feed for, for example, Google's Merchant Center but you don't have that data available in a separate field or attribute but the information is part of another field. How can you then add this to your product feed? Let's assume you want to add a g:gender field to your product feed for Google Shopping but don't have a gender attribute with the gender data available: how can you still [...]

15 Feb, 2019

I need help with my GTIN’s!

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Creating product feeds AND getting all of your products approved in Google’s Merchant Center can be quite a challenging task, especially getting the GTIN’s in correctly is something many website owners and marketeers struggle with on a daily base. Unfortunately, Google is really strict about them, therefore it is critical to get this exactly right or otherwise you will be at risk of getting your products disapproved by Google. We receive cries for help on this topic almost every [...]

11 Jan, 2019

Cascading mother / child category mapping for Google Shopping

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With today's release of the plugin (version 4.2.1) it became a lot easier and faster to map your categories to those of Google. We have introduced a cascading mother / child category mapping as shown on the screenshot below: How does it work? You will find small and bigger arrows pointing down behind your (main) category names: Pressing the smaller arrows will copy the mapping you made for the main category to all subcategories within that main category; Pressing [...]

24 Dec, 2018

Adding Google’s g:product_type to your product feed

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You would like to add Google's g:product_type to your product feed because you want to organise the bidding and reporting in your Google Ads Shopping campaign based on the g:product_type. As the g:product_type field is not one of the pre-mapped fields on the field mapping page you need to add this field and mapping yourselves. Hit the orange "+ Add field mapping" button and select "Product type (product_type)" from the left drop-down and select "Category path" from the right drop-down. The [...]

24 Dec, 2018

Setting-up your first Google Shopping product feed

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Need help from our qualified support-team setting up your product feed for Google Shopping? Upgrade to the Elite version of our plugin today and enjoy the Elite features and stellar support. You have installed our plugin (Product Feed Pro for WooCommerce) and are ready to start advertising your products on Google Shopping. We have written this tutorial to help you get started creating and uploading your feed into Google’s merchant center. Before we start are going to [...]