Google Shopping product feed


You have installed our WooCommerce Product Feed PRO plugin but have no time or knowledge to set-up your product feed for Google Shopping? We've got you covered! We will create a Google Shopping feed for you according to your requirements using our own plugin and make sure the product feed meets Google's criteria, is refreshed on a regular basis and contains the ruling you prefer.

Once you’ve purchased our Google Shopping product feed configuration service, this is what we’ll do for you, step by step:

  • We will get in touch to discuss details and ask you to provide us some extra information needed for configuring the Google Shopping product feed.
  • We will create a backup of your website to be a 100% sure;
  • We will start creating a Google Shopping feed for you, including:
    • Set a refresh-interval;
    • Do the complex Google category taxonomy mapping;
    • Set initial rules and filters;
    • Append Google Analytics tracking;
  • Finally we will provide you with a full year of support on the configuration of your Google Shopping feed.


In order to get your Google Shopping product feed up-and-running we use our own plugin which has some technical requirements:

  1. You have our WooCommerce Product Feed PRO or Elite plugin installed;
  2. You are running WooCommerce version 3.0 or higher;
  3. You are running PHP version 7 or higher;
  4. You have WP_Cron enabled.

Are you unsure if your website meets the above requirements? Don't worry, just install our plugin, it will notify you when the technical requirements are not met. Last but not least: we will  require you to send us login credentials to your WordPress environment so we can create the Google Shopping product feed.


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