7 Sep, 2021

Remove variations when there are lots of variations out of stock

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Imagine you are selling apparel products in different sizes or colours. When you do, you most likely you would have lots of different variations of that product in all different sizes and colours. Over time you sell lots of those products variations and only some are left, in many cases only variations in exotic sizes and colours (su)ch as a purple XXXL shirt). As those products are hard to sell you'd probably do not want to actively advertise and ...

1 Mar, 2020

Add filters based on product creation date

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As of version 7.6.1 two new attributes are available which you can add to your product feed(s) and create filters or rules on: Product creation date Product days back created The product creation date attribute is formatted like "Y-m-d" (2019-12-30) and holds the date your product has been created. The product days back created attribute holds the number of days between the current date and the date the product was created. Now let's imagine you don't want products in ...

2 Jul, 2019

Changing “on backorder” to “in stock” in your product feed

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You created a product feed for Google's Merchant Center as you want to start promoting your products in Google Shopping only to find out that Google has disapproved (some of) your products because of an issue with your 'availability' field. You seem to have added products that have an availability that says "on backorder" (which is a WooCommerce stock status value): Unfortunately Google doesn't accept the availability status "backorder". Only the values "in_stock", "out_of_stock" and "preorder" are allowed for ...

11 Jun, 2019

Featured products in your product feed

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On popular demand we have added support for creating filters and rules on featured products as of version 5.7.4 of our plugin. This enables you to create product feeds that contain those products only (or exclude them for that matter). All you have to do is create a filter in your product feed configuration.  The include_only filter you need to create looks like this: When you would like to remove featured products from your feed than you need to ...

7 May, 2019

How to exclude hidden products from your product feed

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When you have put the catalog visibility of a product on 'hidden' then changes are you also want to exclude that product from your product feed. You can easily exclude those products by creating a filter that looks like this: And that's all, your hidden products won't show in your product feed anymore. Feel free to reach out to our support-team whenever you need help with this filter.

5 May, 2019

Help! I have none or less products in my product feed than expected.

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Almost every day we receive requests for support from our users because their product feed contains none or less products than expected. Mostly this is caused by product feed configurations which result in fewer products. For you to be able to identify possible caused we have listed the most common causes: The "Include product variations" feature has been disabled; The "Only include default product variation" has been enabled; The default item_group_id field mapping has been removed; Created filters; WP-cron has ...

22 Apr, 2019

How to include only a couple of products to your product feed

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When you only want to include a small part of your products to your product feed and they do not have a common denominator on which you can create an "include only" filter you need to solve this differently. The easiest way to do so is by using the WooCommerce product tags. Step 1: create a product tag Go to "Products > Tags" and create a tag like this: Step 2: assign the product tag to your products On ...

30 Mar, 2018

How to create filters for your product feed

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Need help from our qualified support-team setting up your product feed? Upgrade to the Elite version of our plugin today and enjoy the Elite features and stellar support. Filters:Filters are meant to filter out products you do not want to appear in your product feeds. You can set two different types of filters, ‘include only’ and ‘exclude’ filters.Exclude filtersYou want to make sure that certain products do not make it to your product feed. The easiest way to do so ...