27 Oct, 2020

How to add delivery costs to Zbozi.cz and Heureka.cz XML feeds

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Zbozi.cz and Heureka.cz have some very specific requirements for adding delivery/shipping costs to their feeds. As of version 8.9.8 of our plugin these requirements are supported. First of all you need to have your WooCommerce shipping zones/methods set-up very specifically. Make sure your zone name has this value: "ZASILKOVNA" and when you have both shipping methods in the order as shown below. So make sure your flat rate method is first and your local pickup method second as shown ...

8 Oct, 2019

How to add Shipping costs to your Google Shopping feed

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When you upload your products to Google's merchant center Google requires you to indicate what your product shipping costs are. There are two ways of letting Google know what these costs are: You add all shipping costs to your product feed; You add the shipping costs in Google's Merchant Center directly; Adding the shipping costs to your product feed Our plugin supports Google's requirements for adding shipping costs to your product feed(s) directly. This however will only work when you ...