5 May, 2019

Help! I have none or less products in my product feed than expected.

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Almost every day we receive requests for support from our users because their product feed contains none or less products than expected. Mostly this is caused by product feed configurations which result in fewer products. For you to be able to identify possible caused we have listed the most common causes: The "Include product variations" feature has been disabled; The "Only include default product variation" has been enabled; The default item_group_id field mapping has been removed; Created filters; WP-cron has ...

13 Sep, 2018

Can I add parent (variable) products to my feed?

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In short: no, for most marketing channels you cannot. A few times a week we are getting the above questions as our plugin users would like to exclude all variations of a product and just upload the parent (variable) version of the product. We do understand as adding lots of almost identical variations of products to Google Shopping and Facebook seems pointless and doesn’t make the overview in Google’s Merchant Center or Facebooks business manager any clearer. Yet, Google, ...