12 Sep, 2019

Batch size configuration product feed

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Changing the product batch size is risky, it could cause performance issues for your website. Please note: changing the product batch size is risky, it could cause performance issues for your website. In order to prevent your website from running into performance issues or timeouts upon creating product feeds our plugin processes your product feed(s) in small batches. The default product batch sizes are as following: PHP version < 5.6 = batch size of 50 products at ...

8 Jan, 2019

Help, my feed won’t update or is stuck processing!

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You have created a new product feed configuration, but the processing of the product feed gets stuck. You keep seeing a blinking status message saying “processing (91%)” – or any other percentage - which is not increasing for hours. In most cases this is caused by the WP-cron being disabled. What is WP-cron? Read the excellent, yet nerdy, article about the WP-cron in WordPress Handbook: what is WP-cron Why is the WP-cron so important for this plugin? The plugin uses ...

19 Nov, 2018

Can I disable the WP-cron and run a server cron and still use your plugin?

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Some of our users prefer to disable the Wordpress cron for performance reasons by adding following line to their wp-config.php file: define('DISABLE_WP_CRON', true); Following by adding a job to there own crontab that looks something like the row below in order to fire-up the WP-cron on a set interval. PATH=/bin:/usr/bin:/usr/local/bin */1 * * * * wp cron event run --due-now --path=/app/public/ --allow-root > /app/public/wp-content/cron.log 2>&1 Although our plugin is able to cope with this set-up it might have some ...