22 Jul, 2019

Align your Facebook Catalog with your Facebook pixel

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Having problems getting your Facebook Pixel to match the products in your Facebook catalog feed? Multiple times a week we receive support questions where users are experiencing compatibility issues with their Facebook pixel plugin and the Facebook catalog feed they created. 9 out of 10 times this is created because of inability of Facebook pixel plugins to insert the proper values into the so-called content_ids parameter of the pixel. That is why we have decided to add a feature [...]

16 Jan, 2019

How to create Facebook country and language override feeds

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As of version 4.2.6 of our plugin the Facebook / Instagram template contains the 'override' column allowing you to, next to Facebooks base catalog feed, also create so-called country and language override feeds. Find an excellent introduction about these override feeds on Facebooks help-page here. It is pretty easy to create these override feeds using our plugin. Just follow these steps below. On the first page of the feed configuration make sure you select the 'Facebook Dynamic Ads / Instagram [...]