There is no need in updating your product feed on a regular base when none of your products changed or no products have been added to your WooCommerce website. In fact, it is a waste of server resources and it sometimes even negatively impacts the performance and speed of your website when you have huge product feeds to process several times a day.

In order to not waste your website resources we therefor introduced this new feature as of version 9.1.9 of our plugin:

When you enable the “Refresh only when products changed” feature on the general feed settings page our plugin will only update your feed when changes have been made to your products. These “changes” can basically be anything from a change in product price, addition of attributes, other product images, change of stock….well you get it….anything. The plugin will also refresh your product feed when new products have been added to your WooCommerce website.

As we understand that you would like to keep testing configuration changes to your feeds the plugin will ignore the above feature when you do a manual refresh of your product feed. Only when an automated update of your feed has been triggered it will check if the product feeds needs an update or not.

Let our support-team know if you have question about this feature or need help with it!