This is an Elite feature

Product data manipulation is an Elite feature of our plugin. Interested in getting the most out of your marketing campaigns? Upgrade to the Elite version of our plugin and enjoy the product data manipulation feature and many more Elite options.

As of version 5.1.2 our plugin contains an extremely powerful new feature called “Product data manipulation”. When creating product feeds you often run into issues where a marketing channel, for example Google Shopping, is requiring you to add information to your product feed you simply don’t have, is partly missing or spread over multiple different attributes. Our new feature will help you overcome this problem and prevents you from having to fill in all the missing information for all your products separately.

Let’s start by showing you a real life example:

Image you have a product name called: “iPhone XS Max”:

Adding this as a product title to your product feed will result in this:

Which really is a pity because you do have the brand, Apple, and some important product specifications stored in different fields and attributes. If only you could append those values to the product name making it more complete. The extra fields will probably be look something like this on your product edit pages:

Now how could you combine all those product fields and attributes into one beautiful product name? For this we have introduced a feature called ‘Product data manipulation’ which you can find on your product feed settings page:

When clicking the above link you will end up on the Product data manipulation page. In the example below we have created a set-up in which we manipulate the product title field:

  1. Create a product data manipulation rule for both simple and variable products or just for simple or variable products;
  2. Determine the field you want to ‘manipulate’;
  3. Select the fields you want to use to manipulate your original field with;
  4. Hit the + icon to add extra fields to the manipulation.

Your data will be manipulated in the order you added the fields in the ‘becomes’ column. In the above example the product name will look like this after execution of the product data manipulation rule:

A lot better than the original product name!

You can create as many product data manipulation rules on any field and attribute you like. As this feature is still in beta some additional options will be added to it the upcoming weeks and months. Important to know for now is:

  • Adding ‘static fields’ like you are used to in the field mapping feature of our plugin is not functioning yet;
  • The creation of the manipulated product data takes place before the execution of any rules or filters you created. Meaning that any filters or rules you set will also take into account the manipulated product data.

Questions about this powerful feature? Do not hesitate to reach out to our support-team for help!