You need or want to add data to your product feed for, for example, Google’s Merchant Center but you don’t have that data available in a separate field or attribute but the information is part of another field. How can you then add this to your product feed?

Let’s assume you want to add a g:gender field to your product feed for Google Shopping but don’t have a gender attribute with the gender data available: how can you still get the g:gender field filled with the correct data? This is still possible assuming the gender information can be retrieved from another field. Say, your original category names look like this:

  • T-shirts female
  • T-shirts male

You can’t just map the category name to Google’s g:gender field because then it will also contain the word ‘T-shirt’.

When you take the following steps this issue can be solved.

First you need to create the attribute needed for your feed. Go to “Products > Attributes” and add the attribute (gender in the example below):


Make sure you add the field mapping to your product feed configuration in the next step:

gender mapping

The last step involves the creation of a couple of rules in your product feed configuration. In the example below the category link’s (URL’s) contain the gender information which I would like to put into the gender attribute created.

And that’s all. Google’s g:gender field will now contain the gender information retrieved from your category link.

Please feel free to reach out to our support team whenever you need help with creating rules or filter.