As of version 8.8.0 of the plugin it’s possible to only add the lowest priced product variation to your feeds instead of all variations or the default product variation.

So let’s assume you have a parent variable product with 3 variations:

  1. Yellow – EUR 12,-
  2. Blue – EUR 15,-
  3. Red – EUR 18,-

No default variation is set and you only want to add the lowest priced, yellow, variation added to your feed.

This is how you do so, on the “General feed settings” configuration screen the following two features need to be enabled to only get the lowest priced variation in your feed:

  • Include product variations
  • Only include lowest priced product variation(s)

Which then looks like this:

Now just follow all normal next steps of the feed configuration and you are done.

Just to summarise, with regards to product variations you now have three options for your feed(s):

  1. You add all product variations to your feed(s);
  2. You add only the default product variations to your feed(s);
  3. You add only the lowest priced product variations to your feed(s).

Need help configuring your product feed? Don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team.

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