It is possible to create product feeds that only contain products of one specific category. This is how you set-up such a product feed.

After you have created your product feed which contains all products you need to add a so-called “include-only” filter.

Let’s assume that one of my WooCommerce category names is “Digital clocks’ and I want to create a product feed which only contains products that sit in this Digital clocks category.

woocommerce categories

We are going to assume here that you have already added a product feed containing all products. You head over to the feed filters and rules section of that product feed:

feed filters and rules

Now hit the orange “+ Add filter” button and select category:

Category filter

You will find that the value field will change into a drop-down containing all your WooCommerce categories. Now select the category for which you are creating a product feed (Digital clocks in our example) and set the THEN field on “Include only”:

Include only

Hit the save button and manually restart the processing of your product feed to test if your filter is working.

Thats’s all!