Adding PARAM XML nodes to Yandex,,, and feeds requires you to take an extra small step because of the complex nature of their feeds. When you need to, for example, add Objem or Barva parameters to your feed you can now do so by making some small changes on the field mapping page.

Make sure you start by adding a new custom field by hitting the ‘+ Add custom field’button:

Next you add the PARAM name by starting with PARAM_ and concatenate the name of the field you would like to add. For example:

  1. PARAM_Objem
  2. PARAM_Barva
  3. PARAM_Anythingyouwant

So make sure not to forget the underscore between the PARAM and the name of the node you want to add and make sure you write PARAM in capital letters.

That’s all. Please don’t hesitate to contact our support team when you need help with this feature.