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How to create Product Feed Rules

Need to ‘manipulate’ some of your attribute values before they make it to your product feed? You can do so by creating rule sets. Let us just deep-dive into the inner workings of rules by showing you some of the most used rules.

Multiply rule:

Imagine you need to add a 10% margin on top of your normal product prices as the channel you are advertising your products on asks a 10% fee. Hence, you need to add an addition 10% on top of your normal product price. You can do so by creating a multiply rule like this:

Multiply rule

Changing values:

Imagine you need to make a change to the text in one of your attribute fields, for example, the product name. You can do so by creating the following rule:

Create attribute values based on another attribute:

Let’s imagine you want to add a color value to your product feed but you did not fill in that information for all products. In those cases, you could use another attribute to set the color. For example:

Create an alternative category mapping:

When creating a product feed for Google Shopping using our plugin you’ll get the option to create so-called category mappings. You map your categories to those of Google’s taxonomy. This works perfectly but sometimes there is just that one product you feel fits better in another Google category. You can accomplish this by creating a rule like this:

Rules can be a very powerful tool in creating your perfect product feed but we can imagine they can be complex to set up, so please feel free to reach out to [email protected] whenever you have a question about them or need help with setting up a rule.

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