Are you experiencing problems getting your Facebook Pixel to match the products in your Facebook catalog feed? You are not alone! Multiple times a week we receive questions of users who have issues with their Facebook pixel and their Facebook catalog feed. These issues are related to the Facebook pixel plugins not being able to insert the proper values into the content_ids parameter of the pixel. To overcome this problem we added a feature to our plugin. This feature ads the Facebook Pixel to all of your website pages and aligns it with your Facebook catalog feed. As a result you can retarget more of your products in Facebook.

The set-up is straightforward. Enable this option in the plugin settings section:

Facebook pixel code

Make sure to insert your Facebook pixel ID. Once enabled you will find all of your pages have the proper pixel code inserted. The most important part of the pixel code on your product pages is this part:

fbq(“track”,”viewContent”,{content_category:”Plugins”, content_name:”Red Shoe”, content_type:”product”, content_ids:[“4091“],value:”69.00″,currency:”EUR”});

In the above example the Red Shoe’s product ID is 4091. In order to align the content of your pixel code with your Facebook catalog feed, specifically the product ID, you have to map Facebook’s g:id field to the ‘Product ID’ attribute. Do not map the ‘g:id’ field to any other attribute. Mapping it to another attribute will cause mis-alignment between the content_ids of the Facebook pixel and the Facebook catalogue feed.

Facebook pixel code mapping

Content of the Facebook pixel on your product pages

The content of the Facebook pixel is different depending on what product type page it is triggered.

Simple products:

Facebook pixel simple products woocommerce

The 20259 value in the ‘content_ids’ parameter matches with the product ID in your product feed.

Variable parent products:

The 44080, 44081, 44082 and 44083 values in the ‘content_ids’ parameter matches with the variations product ID’s of the parent variable product, combined with the content_type ‘product_group’ tells Facebook it is looking at a variable product.

Variable child (variant) products:

Facebook pixel variant (child) product WooCommerce

The 28876 value in the ‘content_ids’ parameter matches with the product ID in your product feed.

Since release 6.3.6 of our plugin the ‘addToCart’ events are also being measured when visitors on your website hit the ‘add to cart’ button anywhere on your website:

Facebook AddToCart for WooCommerce

And that’s all. Your Facebook pixel and Facebook catalog feed are perfectly aligned now so you can use your Facebook audience for advertising / remarketing your products.

Do not hesitate to reach out to us whenever you have a question about this feature or check out our other Facebook related tutorials.