When you are adding products to your Google Shopping feed that are on “backorder” Google requires you to also add an availability date to your product feed. Since WooCommerce doesn’t come out-of-the-box with such an attribute or field where you can insert your availability dates we have added 8 attributes to our plugin you can use to dynamically set an availability date so those end up in your product feed.

  1. Availability date + 1 week
  2. Availability date + 2 weeks
  3. Availability date + 3 weeks
  4. Availability date + 4 weeks
  5. Availability date + 5 weeks
  6. Availability date + 6 weeks
  7. Availability date + 7 weeks
  8. Availability date + 8 weeks

Those attributes will take the current date and add 1 to 8 weeks to it. So with the creation or updating of your feed(s) the availability_date values will always be the current date + the weeks specified.

Just add a field mapping like the example below and you will find that the products that are on backorder now have an availability_date in your feed. Products that are out of stock or in stock will not be getting an availability date in the feed.

And that’s all. Should you have any questions about this feature then do not hesitate to reach out to our support team.

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