Can I add mother products to my feed and leave out the variations?

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In short: no, you cannot.

A few times a week we are getting the above questions as our plugin users would like to exclude all variations of a product and just upload the mother version of the product. We do understand as adding lots of almost identical variations of products to Google Shopping or Facebook seems pointless and doesn’t make the overview in Google’s Merchant Center or Facebooks catalogue any clearer.

Yet, Google and Facebook require you to NOT add the mother / parent product to the product feed for two simple reasons:

  1. The variations are priced, the mother product itself doesn’t have a price;
  2. The mother product itself cannot be bought by consumers. It is actually the variations of the mother product that you are selling. Hence, why advertise on a mother product you cannot even sell?

Our plugin does however offer you the option to exclude individual variations from the product feed by creating “exclude filters”. An easier option is to just enable the ‘Exclude from feeds’ checkbox on the product edit pages. This checkbox will only show when you have enabled the ‘Add GTIN, MPN, UPC, Product condition…..’ option in the settings section of our plugin.

exclude products from your feed