We don’t like soccer

We hear you! On popular request we added a feature that allows you to only add one variation of a variable product to your product feed(s) instead of all variations of a product. Mainly for Facebook catalogue feeds this is a useful feature as adding lots of product variations that are almost identical and only vary on a minor specification will result in your catalogue or other campaign becoming to big to manage.

We have therefore added a feature (as of version 4.9.9 of our plugin) which allows you to only add the variation that is selected as the ‘default form values’ version. That is the variations that shows when the variable product page opens, the preselected drop-downs. Make sure you set those for all your products, not just for our plugin but for mainly for the potential customers visiting your website.

This is where an how to set the default form values:

woocommerce default form values

In the example above our variable product has 3 variations:

  • red
  • blue
  • yellow

The ‘red’ variation has been set as the default variation that shows when your product page is being opened. Now let’s assume you do not want to add the blue and yellow variation to your product feed. Only the red one should make it to the feed. This can easily be achieved by enabling the option ‘Only include default product variation’ on the general feed settings section of your feed configuration.

That’s all! Only the ‘red’ variation of this variable product will make it to your product feed.

Please feel free to reach out to us whenever you have a question about this new feature or when you need our support.