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Did you know you can add ‘fake’ content to your product feeds? Content that you do not have configured for your products but is required by the channels you are configuring a product feed for?

Let’s illustrate this with an example:

You are running an e-commerce website and selling house-brand products, let’s say that your brand is “My own brand”. The problem however is that you do not have this brand saved in an attribute for your products and Google requires brand to be provided for their merchant center.

You could decide to create a custom brand attribute and start filling in the brand for all of your products. When you only have a few products that would be manageable but when you have thousands of them it would become a very time-consuming task.

That’s why we have introduced a so-called static value mapping option on the attribute mapping page. To get the ‘fake’ brand inserted in a product feed for the above example you would need to take the following steps:

Select ‘Static value’ from the drop-down on the attribute mapping page like this (in this example for Google’s g:brand field):

Static value

You will find that the drop-down will change into an input field. You can now put in the static value you need. In this case we will put in our own brand:

Static value input

This will result in the brand showing like this in your product feed:

Static value in XML

Please bear in mind that this value will be used for all of your products.