You must have seen them around in Google Shopping ads, the so-called price-drop alerts showing on some of the products listed. They look something like this (see the Halfords example):

price drop pla shopping

You want that price drop notification to show too for your Google Shopping ads, right?

Now how does Google knows how your product is on sale and how are they able to calculate the price drop? Google is able to do so when you add the “regular” and “sale” price to products in your product feed. The tricky part here is that WooCommerce overrides the price field as soon as a product is on sale. So just adding a g:sale_price to your product feed is not going to be enough as that will result in the g:price and g:sale_price to show the exact same price.

The proper field mapping set-up therefor is this:

regular price

So, make sure to change your g:price mapping to the “Regular price” attribute. This will ensure that the g:price field contains the non-sale price of your products. Also, when adding the g:sale_price field mapping, do not forget to add your currency in the prefix field otherwise your products will be disapproved by Google.

That’s all! Don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team whenever you need help with adding sale prices to your feed.