WPML / WCML support is an Elite feature of our plugin. Interested in getting the most out of your marketing campaigns? Upgrade to the Elite version of our plugin, enjoy the WPML / WCML support and many more Elite options.

Are you running WPML / WCML on your website and want to create multiple product feeds for all or some of your languages? Product Feed Elite for WooCommerce now supports WPML / WCML.

To enable WPML all you have to do is enable it on the settings section of the plugin like this:

Upon creation of your product feed you will now notice this extra option to select the language for which you would like to create a product feed:

In-case you have also installed the WPML – WooCommerce Multilingual (WCML) plugin and configured multiple currencies in it then the above screen will also prompt you with a drop-down in which you can select the currency to be used in your product feed. Like this:

The follow-up steps of configuring your feed is nothing different then when creating a product feed without WPML/WCML support. The plugin will automatically take-care that the right language and correct currency is being used for your feed(s).

Do not hesitate to reach out to our support team when you have any questions with regards to this feature.

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