When you would like to get additional reporting in Google Ads on the gross profit (Gross profit is the difference between your revenue and the cost of goods sold (COGS)) you are making on products sold in Google Shopping you can add the “cost_of_goods_sold” attribute to your Google Shopping feed. The reporting in Google Ads on the gross profit will only work when you have installed Google’s global site tag and are measuring purchases through it.

So how can you add a cost of goods sold to your product edit pages so you can add those costs to your feed? First of all you would need to enable the extra fields feature of our plugin (this is a paid Elite feature):

After which you can enable the costs of good sold on the “extra fields” tab:

This will result in an extra input field on all your product edit pages.

Bear in mind that for product variations the new input field will show on all individual variations and not with the parent variable product.

Once you filled in all cost of good sold you need to add the following field mapping to your feed configuration. Do not forget to fill in your currency in either the suffix or prefix field:

And thats all, after your feed has been updated you’ll have this in your feed:

costs of goods sold

And thats all. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team whenever you need help adding the cost of goods sold attribute to your feeds.