Imagine you are selling apparel products in different sizes or colours. When you do, you most likely you would have lots of different variations of that product in all different sizes and colours. Over time you sell lots of those products variations and only some are left, in many cases only variations in exotic sizes and colours (su)ch as a purple XXXL shirt). As those products are hard to sell you’d probably do not want to actively advertise and spend money on them in your marketing channels such as Google Shopping and Facebook and remove them from your product feeds.

As of version 10.5.8 of our plugin (or version x.xx of the Elite plugin) you can now easily remove those products from your feed by creating an exclude filter that says “remove all product variations for a variable product when it has less than X-number of product variations in stock“.

All you have to do is to create an exclude filters that looks like the example below. The filter below will remove all product variations from your feed for variable products that have less than 3 product variations in stock:

And that’s all. Now reprocess your feed and you are done.

We also added a “Number of variations” attribute which you can use which only holds the number of variations per variable product, regardless if the are in stock or not. Bear in mind that your feed will probably also contain simple products or other product type’s such as bundles or subscriptions. As those product types do not have variations at all we have given those product types a symbolic “number of variations on stock”  and “number of variations” value of 9999.

Do not hesitate to reach out to our support team when you have questions or need help with the above filter.

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